Make-out Challenge local TV appearance

We were asked to join Daybreak, the local ABC affiliate's (WFAA Channel 8) morning show, the Monday before Valentine's Day to kick off the holiday. Can you imagine what our college-age kids thought when we told them we were asked to be on television to discuss kissing?  

So, we got up really early. I mean really, really early.

Here's how they introduced us.  Play the below video. Warning....excessive PDA on local TV.  Ha!

Here is the view from where we were sitting. Each time they went to a commercial break, they cut to us and had us in the "kiss cam", where we had to make-out as they went to the break (Tracy would not allow french kissing though...). Tough job, but we earnestly accepted the challenge!


Here is where they interviewed us. Finally, they let us talk instead of kiss!

After some more commercial-break-kissing, it was almost 7am and time to say goodbye so they could welcome in Good Morning America. One last make-out and a wave goodbye.

Ron and Izzy, the hosts of Daybreak.


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