Wedding Dress Throw Pillows

Here is our latest home decorating project.  Our wedding dress.  

Out of respect, I suppose it deserves a short story, since it has gone through significant surgery.

Back when we were preparing to be married, I knew I that I wanted a soft ivory dress with a scalloped neck. I also didn't want my parents to spend much money on it. My practical mom was digging this recycling idea. She went hunting and located a dress worn by one of my sister's friends Aunt. It was a soft ivory wedding dress with a scalloped neck. The family was willing to sell it to us at an awesome price.  Bingo!

I was cleaning dust bunnies out from under our bed one fine day last year. And I pulled out that big rectangular box many of us have under our beds or in a closet somewhere. I decided to (gasp...dramatic pause...) "break the seal" and pull it out for Caroline, our daughter, to see. It was her senior year in high school and she actually tried it on. Caroline is much taller than her mother.  The dress was way too short for her. At that point I knew I didn't need to save it for her.  My brain started doing it's thing...What could I do with this dress? 


I brought the dress over to my wonderful seamstress, Becky. And said, can we make pillows for our master bedroom out of this dress?  I could see the pain on her face. "Are you sure?" She said.  "Yep", I said. Then she smiled, and said that she thought it was actually a great idea. 


So we did it!  And she used the veil on one of the pillows.  

Now we get to enjoy these every day.  

These pillows hold a great deal of sentimental value to us. It is fun to think out-of-the-box and actually use something that has been under our bed for 23 years!  

What's under your bed?

Bruce & Tracy Levinson


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