Crazy Plate Lady

You have heard of the crazy cat lady, right? I imagine I am now a crazy plate lady. You know how some guys collect hats, big televisions, or even cars? So, maybe a guy wouldn't think it's so cool, but I have been collecting pottery for quite some time now. I suppose it is because pottery is unique, hand-made, and a form of art while coupled with massive appreciation for artists. I even took a pottery class when we moved to California. Nestled in the hills, this studio was right near our home. I was a wide-eyed student with many questions for my instructor. I pondered the simplicity of clay coming from the ground. I learned the value of the multiple firings for the pieces and how it must be hot enough to make the vessel stronger without being too hot to crush it. My SNL Jack Handy "deep thoughts" mind would race with analogies of the heat of the kilns to the trials of life. My respect for the potter grew tremendously. Next came the day we got to use the wheel. I was so excited! I imagined Demi Moore using the potter's wheel in the movie "Ghost." However, Patrick Swayze never showed up.  

Get ready for this people: My clay actually flew from my potter's wheel like a baseball flying across an open field. Yes, I laughed until I cried. I never was able to master the art, but my love for pottery has remained.  

Whenever we travel, I find myself hunting for these treasures. And my handy-dandy companion is always so gracious to carry my weighty finds for hours until we arrive back at base. You wouldn't believe what he has gone through to bring these fragile pieces home and on planes for his girl. What a sport.  

We have also broken A LOT of this pottery over the years (which makes Bruce crazy!), but I have a remedy. I have a HUGE box of broken pottery in the attic. It is waiting to transform into a mosaic top for the perfect project. We have been collecting this broken treasure for two decades now. 

So, for my most recent project, I decided to do a plate arrangement on our dining room wall. Off and on, I have laid out the plates for over two years now. Friends, children, and a husband would say: "When are you going to put those up?"  

I kept waiting because I wanted to choose plates that worked well together and had an updated, fresh, happy vibe. The plates I chose for this project came from Mexico, antique shops all over Texas, T.J Max, Ross, Marshalls, Horchow's Last Call, Anthropology, and Williams Sonoma.  

Let me share how I hung them without using wires.  

You can find the DISC invisible plate holders online and you can also get a great price for the smaller sizes at Hobby Lobby.  

Sometimes you have to cut a little to get a perfect fit. Next you use warm water and your fingers to activate the glue.  Let them sit for about five minutes before applying. Then use your fingers to smooth them out and let them dry for 24 hours.  

Then, you ask your dear friend, Wendy, to do the honors of striking the first nail because, frankly, you're afraid.  

Her good deed accomplished for the day, she can now go run her errands. However, you will be sending her pictures from your phone of the 34 other plates you hang yourself throughout the day.  

I really try to be precise with my my bank account and my taxes. However, when you are placing random plates of different sizes, perfection cannot be the ultimate goal. Beauty, whimsey, art, and perfection don't even reside in the same world. So, I had to let go of knowing exactly where I was going and of expecting mathematic precision between the plates. It's a happy addition to our home and fun to look at. I am enjoying our long awaited plate wall.  

And don't tell Bruce but there are a couple of extra holes in the walls...

Comment on this post if you have any fun thoughts or questions.  I would love to hear from you.  


- Tracy Levinson 




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