The Maiden Voyage of The Big Green Egg

Every year, Tracy and I try to add something to our house (ok, some years it is more than 1 thing...).  This year, as the great Rafiki said in The Lion King, "It is Time!" for us to build an outside kitchen area (I've been waiting a long time for this...).  And, as we did our research and started talking to people, we kept hearing more and more about The Big Green Egg.  If you've heard of it by now, then you know what I'm talking about.  If you haven't, then you might want to settle in and get ready to change your barbeque-ing life.  Because this thing is the real deal.

Tracy and I began the process by visiting a couple of BBQ retail stores.  Our last and final visit was to the only place we should have visited in the first place: BBQ Outfitters in Southlake.  Talk about Customer Service.  My man, Bobby Coulson, blew us away.  For those that know me, they will know that I like to drive a hard deal.  But, I just didn't mind paying a bit more at this place because of the way that Bobby pledged to educate me on all the nuances of BBQ.  He was all about service after the sale.  So, we pulled the trigger on a new gas grill, a two-burner stovetop, a sink, a trash drawer, some other drawers, and The Big Green Egg.

Now, the beauty of this Egg is that it can get much hotter than a regular gas grill can, upwards of 700 degrees in the Egg as opposed to around 400 with a gas grill.  It is based off of a Chinese contraption that was used to trap in the heat and sear the meat with fast, intense temperatures....sort of like an outdoor clay pizza oven with a lid.  Bobby told me that you can take a two-inch sirloin, pop it on the grill at 550 degrees for around five minutes, flip it for another five minutes, and then take it off, let it continue to cook internally for another two minutes, and then get ready for some meat heaven.

After a couple of weeks of stonework around the Egg, grill, stovetop, and sink, we were finally ready this weekend to take the Egg for a test-drive.

Come join me below on my first voyage!

This next video drives Tracy crazy because I threw the meat on the grill with my hands, mixing the meats and clearly not using utensils.  She didn't discover this until she viewed this video.  So, now I'm busted.

Obviously I'm a little over-enthusiastic about my Big Green Egg.  Clearly the last steak is, shall we say.....a little charred?  But, no worries.  I'll be at it again in a couple of days!

Good Night Green Egg.

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Bruce and Tracy Levinson



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