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You know that guy who drives around having a party, singing in his car, listening to 70's and 80's music?  Well, quite possibly, you've encountered my husband on the road. When he comes home from work, it is probable to discover him lingering in the garage to jam in the car until the crescendo of his favorite ELO song is over.  

Now, picture Bruce, grooving out to Kansas, Bruce Springsteen, the Doobie Brothers, Eagles, or even ABBA at the Gym. You can bet he remembers every detail of each concert and the memories of the road-trip that got him and his school friends there. You can tell he's listening to an epic song, even while he is on the leg machine, when his right hand clinches into a fist that he pumps at some larger-than-life moment in the song, as if he is using his imaginary drumstick.  

When I remember something, I usually tell the person before the thought escapes one of the other holes in my face, never to return. So, at the gym, I might find myself remembering that the plumber called, a dinner invitation, or that the air filters are overdue. You might see me finding my man, tapping him on the arm in the midst of his personal music festival. Often, I am found verbally dragging him out of his comfortable, well-worn 70's and 80's world into some future thought. I get to witness his internal struggle as he hesitantly moves his headphones behind his ears enough to hear what I have to say. Especially, if Supertramp hasn't finished the song he has listened to over 1,489 times (Wink/ Smile).


Click to hear Dreamer, one of his favorites!

Click to hear Dreamer, one of his favorites!

This weekend, I was a captive passenger in his beloved silver 2003, CLK 430 convertible. As a common occurrence, I had something profoundly meaningful on my mind to share (another smile). So, logically, I turned down the blaring rendition of a 1979 classic, which was to be followed by Casey Kasem telling us the next song on our way to the top 10 on XM radio. And, like many other couples, Bruce and I have our predictable patterns of communication. It was quite clear by his nonverbal signals that he was deeply disappointed that I had once again turned the knob down on his magic time machine. Without a word, I knew he was thinking, "Can't this wait?"  At that moment, instead of pretending I didn't notice his nonverbal cues, I switched course and started talking with him about his beloved song. He began to re-describe to me an epic story, I have heard more than a "few" times.  

He was in an Air Band in college. Yes, you did read that correctly! 

Their band was called THE LOVE PALACE! How many times have I heard this story? 

He played lead guitar. I knew that.

This time, since I was showing so much interest, he proceeded to tell me about how his college Air Band choreographed the song. This description was going further than the usual story. At this moment, Bruce turned the radio louder and begins to do the arm motions from 33 years ago. He remembered every move. It was utterly hilarious. And yes, he was still miraculously driving his car at the same time.  

I was astounded that he still recalled at exactly what point their mullet-haired band, cheeseily, (thank you, I made up that word), pointed into the audience. I realized, of course he remembers! He has been reliving and rehearsing this LOVE PALACE show every time he hears songs the band "covered." So, for the first time, I made the connection, he is not simply a 70's and 80's music fan. Through the music, Bruce Levinson relives his glorious past every day, as he replays the songs of his youth. For Bruce, the party never ends!!  


Click to hear the Love Palace's epic song:

Click to hear the Love Palace's epic song:

Me, well I spend a lot of time contemplating the future. See; Bucket List. It is common to hear me daydreaming, planning or, like a woman fishing, asking others questions about future hopes, plans and visions. It's exciting to me to see what can be discovered as we press forward. I also enjoy being strategic and be wise about taking steps towards intentions we desire for our lives. It is a good thing at the appropriate time, and can be a gift. However, my fishing line is often cast so far forward that at moments, I might be missing the wonders of the present.  

Picture these two love birds (B & T), one lingering in the past, the other dreaming in the future. Both dreamers, dreaming in opposite directions and yet, perhaps there is something more to discover about today. I think I will ponder these things in my next blog. See how I am already thinking of the future post! 

So back to my Bruce, the dreamer who still had a white Miami style 1980's polyester suit in his closet when he took me home to meet his parents for the first time. The guy who secretly wishes he could go back to his mullet hair and relive his glory days as a lead guitarist in his Air Band. I'm warning you. There is a party going on. Be aware today driving on your way home from work. Don't freak out if some guy points at you and winks. I swear he is harmless.  


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