A Secret Dinner With Your Besties!

Ever stumble across a story on the web and wonder whether you should do something about it, or just keep on browsing? It happens to us all the time. Sometimes, it is a very good thing to just dive in and follow your instincts.

Such was the case a few weeks ago when we came across a Facebook post about a first-time event that is coming to Dallas....Le Diner en Blanc (translation - The Dinner in White). We almost scrolled on to the next subject when we decided to click on the link, just to see what this thing was all about.

Holy schmoly! As you'll see, it is a Parisian-style pop-up picnic where everyone is required to dress in white from head to toe. To add to the mystique and excitement of the evening, the location will remain a secret until the guests arrive via bus.  Judging by the pictures, expect the location to be iconic to Dallas.

To us, this seemed like an ideal event for the concept of outsidethenest and anyone that likes to check in on our little website. So, naturally, we had to reach out to the organizers and see if we could make a connection between us. Thankfully, we were successful.

First, here is some historical info about this amazing event:

  • In the summer of 1988, Francois Pasquier returned to Paris after a few years abroad. He wanted to reconnect with some friends.  So, he asked them to convene at Bois de Boulogne, dressed in white so they could be recognizable to each other. They had such a great time that they decided to invite more friends the next year. Thus, Le Diner en Blanc was born.
  • One of Francois' sons, Aymeric, moved to Montreal in 2009 and launched the first dinner in North America.  
  • The first U.S. event followed in 2011 in New York City. That evening 1200 guests (selected from 30,000 that registered) celebrated with white balloons, sparklers, live music and lots and lots of dancing.  
  • Other cities have followed including Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, and many more all around the world.
  • Finally, 2015 marks the first year for the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.  

Here is some of the 4-1-1 about the event:

  • The announced date is officially slated for Thursday evening, September 17, 2015.  
  • To attend, guests must either be invited by the hosts (or their network of friends) or be one of the first to purchase tickets once they go on sale later this month. Everyone on the waiting list will receive an opportunity to purchase tickets on a certain day at a certain time on a first come, first serve basis.  The website is www.dallas.dinerenblanc.info/register.
  • Maximum attendance will be approximately 1400 people.  
  • The dress code is elegant and white ONLY. They say that tasteful originality is encouraged.
  • The table setting must also be all white. You can bring it with you or purchase it ahead of time and it will be there waiting for you.
  • You must also bring a table, two white chairs and a white tablecloth. But, the table can be ordered ahead of time through the e-site that will be provided after you're registered.
  • As for food, a picnic basket will be perfect. Load it with your favorite fun meal. However, you can also order food ahead of time as well. The website has some fantastic choices, including a selection from Wolfgang Puck and others.
  • No beer or mixers.  This is a wine and champagne event only. Due to Texas law, you can't bring it with you.  So, be prepared to buy it ahead of time from their website.
  • Finally, don't forget to bring a trash bag to keep the secret location as clean as when you arrived.

Thanks to our Facebook scrolling and instinct to investigate further, we are now slated to attend and report on this event. So, be on the lookout sometime after September 18th to read and see all about it. Or, better yet, sign up and join us!  Hope to see you there!

Bruce and Tracy Levinson - outsidethenest.net