Still Kissing?

Are we still kissing? We are, we are, we promise. Actually, Mr. Bruce Levinson is still winning our Make-out Challenge by one slim point right now.

And, we haven't forgotten to complete our last two blogs on the: 10 Essentials for a Fun, Healthy, & Lasting Marriage. (Respect & Sex)

There is a reason we have not shared our most recent shenanigans (silly or high-spirited behavior; mischief.)...

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The Art of Restraint in Parenting

You know those insightful moments that remain in our minds? Here is one of mine as a Jr. High drama teacher. Right before the bell rang for class to begin one day, I received an email from the president of the school to all the teachers concerning a project he was working on about honesty. He wanted to gather our thoughts on why some students might be tempted to lie.

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