10 Romance Starters from Him

Men always want to be a woman's first love -

Women like to be a man's last romance.  

         Oscar Wilde


It all started in college when I wanted to impress my new girlfriend with a trail of candy kisses leading to ME, inside my apartment, that I shared with 3 other colorful guys.  All was going as planned, until I found out that my roommates had methodically & deviously eaten every single one of them before she arrived..... 

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That Bruce, He's a Dreamer

You know that guy, who drives around having a party, singing in his car listening to 70's and 80's music?  Well, quite possibly, you've encountered my husband on the road.  When he comes home from work, it is probable to discover him lingering in the garage, jamming in the car until the crescendo of his favorite ELO song is over. 

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Love is "Something That We Do"

(Bruce) So, I was having lunch with my buddy Duane and we started talking about our wives and how long we've been married.  I mentioned how it certainly is a marathon not a sprint and he asked me if I've ever heard the Clint Black song called "Something That We Do".   "Nope", I said.  "But I know that Clint Black's been married for a long time, so I'd love to hear what he has to say about it".  

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Wedding Dress Throw Pillows

So here is our latest home decorating project.  Our wedding dress.  Out of respect, I suppose it deserves a short story since it has gone through significant surgery. So I brought the dress over to my wonderful seamstress Becky.  And said, "Can we make pillows for our master bedroom out of this dress?"  I could see the pain on her face.  Are you sure?  She said.  Yep, I said.  Then she got a smile on her face and said that she thought it was actually a great idea. 


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Romantic Playlists

“If music be the food of love, play on" ― William Shakespeare

Music is such a personal thing.  We all have our preferences.  But we also are all touched by it.  And most people would agree it has the potential to change our mood.  So, since we are being intentional about creating romance in our relationship, we want to understand its power and harness it for our goals.

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Whoops…we need a motorcycle license for a scooter??!!

Ok…so, we've already established what an awesome husband I am for surprising my wife with a scooter for Christmas (see an earlier post if you missed this incredible act of husbandry on my part :-) ).  But, sadly, this post is all about how that awesomeness took a little bit of a hit this weekend.

Who knew that you needed a motorcycle license for a scooter??!!  

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