Christmas long ago...



Christmas in our current nest


I searched three years for a lovely COWBOY SANTA! Finally found him at the Dallas Market!

The little dollhouse was my favorite as a child. 



Must leave a snack for Santa and his reindeer!

Tin tree from Mexico. 



Watch out for mistletoe!! It is EVERYWHERE!!!  



Remember, Where's Waldo? Where's the mistletoe in this picture?


(Baby Memory Tree) 




Baby shoes and Josh's angel.  


Then, high-school Josh is just about to settle "down for a long winters nap!"


Vintage Santa we bought at a garage sale.  We love him!!  

untitled shoot-068.jpg









Our Menorah.












Joyful Santa Caroline painted in high school.  





Front Room 


We finally broke down and bought an artificial tree at 75% off on Christmas day a few years ago.  

Caroline made us this angel out of foil in about 5 minutes.  



If you need new ornaments and decorations, I can take you to the Christmas Floors at the Dallas Market. Contact me if you would like to refresh your decorating! 


'Two turtle-doves..."


Christmas Magazines from the 50's. I have some great places to go for vintage items....


Nativity from Mexico



Dining Room



How did I hang these plates with no wire?  

Click HERE to see...


Dining room tree...


Christmas in the dining room...


Master Bedroom

And what were those two turtledoves supposed to represent...?


One year it snowed on Christmas day!!!!


Christmas on the porch!


Merry Christmas!!!


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