Our goal was to create a fresh, Spanish garden feel for this dining room.  We usually start by selecting an inspirational fabric.  Our designer friend, Lawanna, blessed us by finding this floral linen.  

If you need dining room chairs, contact me.  I have a furniture designer Christine, who makes the most beautiful custom pieces.  


Wall color was created in a collaboration effort with my color savant designer-friend, Deanna Morgan.



We took down all the beautiful traditional molding. Then, we added the beams we designed, as well as the ceiling speakers to add to the ambiance. 



The painting is from an architectural salvage place in Fort Worth, Old Home Supply.  The story is that it came from a home in Mexico.  The date on it is 1887.  



The vintage Scripture below was bought at an auction.  Well, actually, by the raising of Tracy's hand at the auction.  Bruce was the M.C. and too embarrassed to stop his wife's madness.  We made it through that bump in our marriage.  



Went to a wholesale frame shop in a scary part of Dallas and had these leaning mirrors made thanks to a tip from our friend, Deanna.  

Check out the story and method of this plate wall our blog: Crazy Plate Lady.


Candlesticks are from a random shop in Puerto Rico. 

Can you believe we brought those back with us on the plane?


Looked for the right light for 3 years. Found this one at Horchow / Last Call.  It had to be rewired but the price was right.  Put on a dimmer, of course!


Had our favorite granite guys make us a lazy susan out of a rare remnant called Blue Louis.

Curtains are made from theatrical scrim you can usually pick up at any fabric store or online...very inexpensive.



Added these simple easy to keep looking clean baseboards all over the home.  



Just picked up this champagne/wine bucket from the Dallas Market.

Josh & His Buddies

These, high school boys, at the time, heard on the news that it was going to be snowy and icy. They actually planned to arrive at our home before the storm hit.  I fed them for 2.5 days.  They were hungry.  Poker made them very hungry. 


We do miss those boys who are all in college now.  Part of the EMPTY NEST.  Now, boys, break is coming up soon, and I'm sure I could bake some brownies... 


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