We know.  Who has a pool table/ping pong table taking up most of their family room? Well, we do. 





- crate & barrel couch -

Tree stump table from prop room of LifeSong Theatre, where I (Tracy) teach acting.  Thanks Carolyn!  You could make one by ordering sheets of birch paper online or contact me. I have a great source for wholesale organic products from the Dallas Market.  The bench is from World Market. I had the cushion recovered. 






Retro 1950’s doll house TV 

Forney has several vintage warehouses full of random treasures.  






Bench was from World Market, and we had it recovered in this fabric.  

Spanish tin collection: pieces bought from trips to Mexico, on the San Antonio River-walk, online stores, and The Old Home Supply in Fort Worth.  Pictures inside are from old art books or Christmas cards from the Metropolitan Museum.  

Then there was my obsession with a cow-skin rug and an outdoor coffee table. 

We had our pool guy, Juan, knock down our traditional brick fireplace in our living room and create a see-through fireplace with Austin stone. In addition, we designed this niche for a lovely decorative plate we had collected early in our marriage. However, Tracy dropped that plate into many millions of pieces (insert crying face)! We are on a quest to find a a new one...




- our people -





Inexpensive Hobby Lobby table dry-brushed with silver. We added a larger top with a remnant piece of granite.  

You could do this on any table or dresser you wanted to update! The lamp is from Aiden Gray at the Dallas Market. The mirror was hand carried by my man from our trip to Punta Mita, Mexico.

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