Our painter friend, Joe, matched the paint on this added window to match the door.  



My sweet papa passed away when we were two weeks pregnant with our son, Joshua.  Daddy was a choir boy growing up.   Every Christmas he would sing the music from the Messiah from start to finish in our living room.  My brother, Pat, comically informed me recently, "You know Tracy, he drank a lot of beer when he did that!" Somehow that part had escaped my childish memory.  This song comes to mind: 

If I Could Have a Beer with Jesus - Thomas Rhett


This “wallpaper” is actually made up of individual pieces of vintage sheet music from the Messiah and some newer versions with added tea staining and some burnt edges for effect by our brilliant artist friend, Joe. (click right to see more pics)


This is the BEST DOOR BELL EVER!!!  http://www.ichime.com

Includes dozens of built-in songs & sounds.  Themes include a variety of beautiful chimes, birthday song, graduation, wedding, holiday music, dog barking, and other lovely and crazy choices.  You can also record your own sound.


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