Speaking & Writing

I remember sitting in class, embarrassed and frustrated, because I was the only kid who couldn't read Nfkdusjfu sljfjie mikanuhl: That’s pretty much what the letters of words looked like to me. By third grade, I was still not able to read. However, I had an inquisitive mind, constantly asking deep questions. As I make fun, remember Jack Handey from SNL? 


Finally, I was diagnosed with dyslexia and a severe learning disability. That's what the world calls it. I just say people are wired differently with unique strengths and weaknesses. Eventually, I learned how to read from Sesame Street. Traditional school isn't always the best fit for us out-of-the-box people. 

Along with that, I did not grow up with any real understanding of spiritual matters. My family was not into God at all. As a matter of fact, when I realized there was no Santa, I concluded that there must be no God. At the ripe age of seven, I declared myself an atheist. Yes, a full blown atheist, meaning one who denies the existence of God. 

I ended up getting a BA in Theatre from the University of Texas and MFA in Theatre from the University of Houston. More than anything, I always wanted to be a wife, mom, and create a warm, beautiful home. 

In my early thirties, I fell hard into a delightful relationship with Jesus. This former atheist came to believe that Jesus was the Son of God and that this Christ had died for me and my sins. Good thing, because my list of sins were quite profound, according to me. When I said YES to JESUS… I truly sensed a seismic shift in my soul - I have been forever changed. For me, it was like the light finally came on into my longing heart. 

I studied briefly at Dallas Theological Seminary and took a course in the Masters of Apologetics Program at Biola University in California. Each time I began a new school, we moved to another city the next semester, which kept me from continuing. I suppose God had other plans for me.

I have been a conference speaker, Bible teacher, writer and dramatist for many years now. Here is my first book. 


"Unashamed is a book that touches hearts and challenges lifestyles. Tracy Levinson tackles relevant issues that go unaddressed all too often. Tracy possesses a genuine transparency that resonates through her personal walk with the Lord. This book is an incredible reminder about how we can be unashamed in Christ’s light!"

Joe White - President - Kanakuk Camps