We had our plumber jackhammer gas from our fireplace so we could have a gas stovetop.



To bring in some warmth, we added walnut wood top to the Island.  Well, actually, we started with a maple one that we used to periodically oil.  Then, a few Christmas's ago, it caught on fire from a candle and a napkin.  Our heart-adopted daughter, Elyssa, walked into the family room horrified, yet calmly said, 

"Mr and Mrs Levinson, your kitchen is on fire."  

We chose 3cm Lapidus granite with an ogee edge.  

We added upper and lower cabinet lighting.  We are actually obsessed with the ability of lighting to set the mood.  Dimmer's are everywhere in this home.  Easy to install.  


We also had ALL of the electrical moved off the backsplash wall and put it under the cabinets.  

We like the simplicity of a painted continuum. And we saved money by forgoing a backsplash.  

We can always add one later. 




Ceiling tin from Fredericksburg, Texas.  Painting by Caroline Levinson.

We prepped the walls by putting fresh drywall on them to smooth out the orange peel texture. Next, we asked our talented, artist friend, Joe, to paint the walls as if they were old plaster from Spain.   He used a hair dryer to give up some patches where the walls look like they are cracking.  

Joe painted every wall in this house that looks like it has soul.  




Tracy drove to a scary part of town to get a good price on this double sided chalk & magnet pantry door. Gotta sometimes sacrifice for beauty and a good price, you know?


Click door to see product

Click door to see product



Joe passed away shortly after painting this pantry.  We miss him a lot.


Inside the Pantry: This dog picture was done by our daughter when she was in 4th grade.  

We are all about snacks!  Glass jars are from The Container Store.  

Large, over-sized sink for hiding dishes during dinner parties!

It took Tracy years to make this sink a NO-DISH zone.  It worked!! Everyone puts their dishes in the dishwasher!!!



Tate, our bird, doing dishes.



We created a world of sticks and berries for our bird, Tate!

Thank you Hobby Lobby: Just take a grapevine wreath apart and twist and turn.  



We are obsessed with these Williams Sonoma salt and pepper grinders that light up!!



We got rid of the ceramic tile backsplash and electrical on the wall to create this

fabric bulletin board area for an inspired work space. 



Quotes for inspiration...


Tate again, helping with our blog. 



We extended the 3cm Lapidus granite with an Ogee edge to create an eat-in bar area that we love!  And added these bar lights.  



We added Austin stone, like we put on the fireplace, to protect from feet scuffs. Tracy and Caroline found Barbie as they were dumpster diving on a walk one day.  Since then, Barbie shows up in all sorts of places.  


The design of this added beam was inspired from a magazine picture that was 12 years old.  



One day our friend Mark said, “You two should add a see-through fireplace.

So we did! 



We added hand-painted tiles made by Tabarka.



This little gem is a broken lamp from a tiny antique store in Wimberly, TX.



Perfect spot now that it is next to the see-through fireplace.  This is where function won over proportion and space.  We could have gone with a bigger table, but we are all about doing "life" and wanted an intimate spot for playing games, eating, talking, and of-course the make-out challenge.    



Had this romantic banquette seat designed with turquoise buttons.  


Table from Mexico with turquoise inlay. 



Banquette for two with turquoise buttons.  I have a great wholesale furniture maker. Feel free to contact me if your interested:



Chandeliers are great everywhere!  Well, not everywhere.  

However, I have a client who just decided to put one in her master closet!  Magnificent!!



We added stained solid doors to quiet and cozy-up this home.  



Hallways are great spots for galleries.  


To see more PICTURES OF OUR HOME click here. 


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