We waited six years to have the dinero for an updated master retreat and have been slowly working on it all year.   The timing is fabulously ironic, since it coincided with empty nesting.  

We were going for a fresh, romantic old-Hollywood style.


Here we subtly faux painted the walls with a pearled tones strie.


Here you have a silver painted formerly black iron bed.  

The bed was hand-forged in Fredericksburg, Texas many moons ago. 

The bedding is from Dallas Market at Bella Note, Pine Cone Hill.  

Off-white pillows are from my wedding dress.  See WEDDING DRESS PILLOW BLOG


Bench and chair from the Dallas Market at Aiden Grey Showroom.  


Bruce had the idea of individual dimmers in reach from each side of the bed.  

So romantic and so lazy!


Someone tell Bruce this is NOT O.K.!!  

He loves his pajama pants and slipper uniform!



With the Hollywood glam concept, we looked high and low for sheep skin rugs. Check these out from Costco!


Filled these frames with pictures from collected art book pages.


Black-out curtains.  My favorite fabric was four times more expensive.  So......I went with this.  


Master closet.  These shower curtain hooks make a great organizing tool for purses.  



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