(Tracy)  Picture this whole room completely gutted.  Vanity moved to under the window away from potty area.  Shower destroyed and moved.  Kitchen warming drawer installed in cabinetry for hot towels.  Oh yeah, you better stop. I had to.  We were into our sixth year of this remodel, and Bruce said, "Figure out a way to finish this room with out breaking-the-bank!"  

This crazy woman stood in a warehouse for five hours and hand-picked these inexpensive, clay Spanish tiles.



Can we talk grout for a minute? 

This grout is a bit pricey, but it does NOT stain. Soooo worth it.



Walls originally had wallpaper and border.  We primed them and did a gentle joint compound over them.  








We added a sprayer to the existing bath tub. Why have we never thought of this before? Who doesn't want to wash their hair sometimes while being lazy?  














Considered this light for over the bath with antiqued pearls on it by Aiden Gray but, alas, the cost was twice as much as....








New light with dimmer over bath by Uttermost.



I got tired of stepping in the bathtub to open the blinds.  We priced out new blinds that had a remote control.  Too pricey.  So we ordered inexpensive linen online and had café curtains made, letting in light and creating privacy. 



Caroline offering you a bug.



Hunted high and low for a light with a finish that looked silver-leafed.  I love these lights, and, of course, romance requires that practically every light in this house is on a dimmer.  They are by Fredrick Ramond called "San Simeon."  I can order wholesale lighting for clients.  (your nest link) 



Crystal Knobs replaced worn brass knobs.



What girl doesn't want to see her nail polish?

Ghost chair for a great price online.  Perfect when you don't want to take up much visual space.  








Pictures taken from our nest before it became empty!





Bruce hard at work!

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