It was 1989. We were two starry-eyed college graduates who had moved to Los Angeles, CA to attend the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Bruce, a Jewish boy from Rochester, N.Y. with a business degree from MSU and a great job, decided to throw caution to the wind and give acting school a try. This decision did not make his prudent, Jewish mother very happy. Boy meets girl. Tracy, a blue-eyed small town girl from Beaumont, TX, dreamed of wide open spaces beyond her small home-town. We both reluctantly went to a party that neither of us planned to attend. Bruce was talking to some flirty, blonde girl when we were introduced. Tracy, on the other hand, was dating another guy at the time. 

They slipped briskly into an intimacy from which they never recovered.
— F. Scott Fitgzerald

Eventually, we ended up having one conversation that led to 24 years of marriage (and counting!).

This story also includes two delightful kids, 18 months apart (Josh and Caroline).

Our family has had quite the adventure...11 different dwellings in 10 unique cities spread out over 2 different states. 

We have loved being parents; however, two years ago, the time came for those two kids to fly off to college.  


What does that mean for a couple that has been married for over 24 years? No more homework, soccer games, and school plays. We have certainly had our ups and downs in the story of our marriage. Just ask our miracle worker counselor and dearest friend, Leah Springer at



Bruce wrote a blog where he describes a moment of him standing at the door with his suitcase ready to walk out and Tracy laughing until he decided to stay. 

To read about it click on: Love is Something that We do

Five years before the kids left for college, we began to prepare for this empty-nest season. These two love-birds started dating and traveling a bit more. No kids at home was quite an adjustment, especially for mom. What would we do with our extra time? We figured we had a choice to make.  

“The U.S. divorce rate, despite remaining flat overall, has doubled for people 50 and older in the past two decades," 

National Center for Family & Marriage Research at Bowling Green State University.” 

We can sit on the defensive and wait to see how this empty-nest season unfolds, or use Bruce's football analogy and be offensive by investing in our marriage. We are into general frolicking, travel, food, wine, entertainment, design and the pursuit of romance, sex, and love.  



Bruce is a renaissance man; although, he doesn’t know what that means. He absolutely loves people, and if he could retire, his ambition would to be like Norm in Cheers "where everybody knows his name." He graduated from his beloved Michigan State University’s school of business with a major in Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Management. He started his professional career by completing the management training program at the Plaza Hotel in NYC. He has sold fine wines and spirits, performed as a SAG actor, and worked as a sportscaster for a local station affiliate, KFDM-TV.  He has been employed in the media and telecommunications world for the past 21 years and enjoyed every bit of it. This man is a lover of film, great TV, all sports, and, of course most of all, Tracy, Josh, and Caroline!


"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around 

once in awhile, you could miss it."  

-Ferris Bueller  

Tracy: (

I couldn't read in the 3rd grade. That's interesting, right? I was diagnosed with a severe learning disability. That's what the world calls it. I just say people are wired differently with unique strengths and weaknesses; however, school doesn't always reflect the strengths of some of us out-of-the-box people. That’s why I need grace on this blog for my grammar and spelling. Thank you. Remember those aptitude tests we took in school?  I did pretty crummy on most of them, even felt a little dumb at times. However, I would always make a perfect score on the visualization part that looked like origami. You know, where shapes had dotted lines that said, “If you folded this shape on these dotted lines what would the end result look like?” This must be why I can walk in a room and see what it could be, or as Bruce says, “Tear down perfectly good walls!!" To see my design business, click this word: Nest. I ended up getting a B.A. in Theatre from the University of Texas and M.F.A. in Theatre from the University of Houston. I actually love anything to do with design, which includes film, theatre, home, commercial design and even the placement of beautiful food on a plate.  Most of all, I always wanted to be a wife, mom, and have a really interesting creative home. I am extremely passionate about my domain and the people that reside there. One of my favorite things to do is to write and share a message as a speaker. I recently completed the manuscript for my first book



I am completely obsessed with TEXAS.  It’s an identity problem. Bruce has had me move out of the state three times, and I can't take it anymore!!  

You can view our Texas music playlist and favorite Lone Star spots by clicking this guitar:



Luckily, now my man is as head over heels with Texas as I am!



We were thinking, if you have read this far, you might want to know a little something about our kids. They are both pretty chill. Except about Christmas. They are obsessed with Christmas.  

JOSH - Little Buddy

Most of the time, Josh has a guitar in his hand with his sister, Caroline, by his side. Josh is in college studying Advertising, but his heart is really in songwriting, which started in 9th grade. He is super creative, insightful, funny, loving, and an extremely loyal guy. He hopes to move to Nashville after college and pursue songwriting. 

Click here to hear a podcast with Josh & his mom.

CAROLINE - Butterfly

(Don't try to "catch" her.  Freedom is her anthem.)

How do we describe Caroline? First of all, she is a dreamer with a certain twinkle in her eye. Ever since she was little she wanted to be a mermaid. You read that right. (She does scuba dive!) She has a crazy, mad talent with a paint brush. This girl is smart, wise, and loves people. Caroline is currently studying art.  

We absolutely adore these two peeps we had the privilege of living with for over 18 years. They are our favorites! They do think their parents are a little crazy for creating outsidethenest, but, well, they are used to unconventional parents.  

Click to hear Josh & Caroline singing one of Joshua's songs he wrote.  


You might have noticed Tate our parakeet in several of our pictures. Tate has a yellow head, green body, and a blue tail. Tate loves Tracy most.  Guess who is writing this?  But it’s true. I’m his favorite, but he does like Bruce too.  He is friendly. Bruce is friendly too, but I am referring to Tate. Tate is also chirpy. He was hand-fed as a baby by our dear friend, DeAnn Seifried's brother; therefore, Tate is super tame. Bruce, not so much (ha!). I have had parakeets all my life, and they make me happy. 

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