It was 1984. Tracy was a senior in high school. Bruce had already earned his degree from his beloved MSU in business. His first job out of college was at the Plaza Hotel, in New York City.  He secretly longed to explore acting. One day, he showed up to an acting school to check it out. But, he panicked. "What am I doing?" He left before he spoke with anyone.  



His next adventure involved moving to Atlanta and then Florida, with a great job selling fine wines for the Kobrand Corporation. They are one of the wine industry’s leaders in supplying fine wine, champagne, and spirits to restaurants and wine shops across the country.


While in Florida, he met some a girl (not Tracy). Let's call her something like Bertha, Agatha, Ursula, Gertrude, Beatrice, Opal, or Helga. I'm going with Helga. In an effort to continue flirting with her, he signed up for an acting class she was enrolled in. He loved the class, and thought he loved Helga, as well. He got an agent and landed several acting roles. Here is his notorious Police Academy V clip

Bruce was in Revenge of the Nerds II, Splash 2, and The New Leave it to Beaver, a national beer commercial and national orange juice commercial.   

All was well in Bruce's world, until Helga broke his 27-year-old heart. He decided to get his mid-life-crisis out the the way a little early. He quit his "good job," gave back the corporate credit card, as well as the company car, and moved to Los Angeles. His new adventure involved attending:


His loving, prudent, and financially practical Jewish mother was less than thrilled! There was a small town girl from Texas who had just arrived in L.A. to attend the very same school. Tracy had actually seen his Miller Beer commercial on T.V. several times before their chance encounter. They both reluctantly went to a party in L.A. that neither planned to attend. Bruce fell in love for a second time. So did Tracy.

The only problem was, after an in intense year of love and romance, this adamant Texas girl missed her Lone-Star State and wanted desperately to go "home." So with tears, Bruce waved his girl goodbye, as her brother Pat drove her back to Texas. These two love-birds could only handle the long distance for just 9 months.   

Click on song above to hear how Jimmy Buffet puts it.  

Click on song above to hear how Jimmy Buffet puts it.  






Prompted by murmuring that Tracy's old boyfriend wanted to spend time with her, Bruce sat on his bed in L.A. and tried to imagine life without Tracy or life with Tracy and her real boyfriend, her beloved Texas.








Well as the story goes, Bruce asked Tracy to marry him and soon they got hitched.

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In their first year of marriage, Bruce decided to try his hand at sportscasting. One Christmas, while visiting Tracy's family, he walked into the CBS affiliate, KFDM-TV in Beaumont, (the town she desperately tried to escape!) and talked his way into an internship that quickly led to a job as a sportscaster.  A couple of years later, after their son, Josh, was born, Bruce wanted better hours than weekends and evenings and desired to provide financially in a more substantial way.  Sportscasting was not the ticket for this. Once again, he made a work transition, this time, combining several of his passions.  It also got them out of that small town and to a "Chicago and beyond" adventure. For the past 20 years he has been in television networks distribution and has woken up most days thrilled-to-the-moon with his career for companies like: Bravo, Independent Film Channel, Fox Sports, NBCUniversal, and now TheBlaze.  

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At the ripe age of three, my buddy, Judy and I, were creating, starring, and directing ourselves in plays behind silk curtains in her parents "grown-up" living room. We would beg our parents to come and watch our "shows." I suppose that's how it all started. That later morphed me into an undergraduate degree in Theatre from the University of Texas in Austin and auditioning and attending the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in L.A. (I met my husband, Bruce in L.A.!) Later, I received a master's degree in Theatre from the University of Houston and studied with the Second City and the Goodman Theatre in Chicago. 

After all these years of acting, directing, and teaching theatre and speech, my favorite is private, one-on-one coaching to help speakers and actors. To learn more about my work, email me:

"Tracy Levinson uses her gifts and talents to pour into the lives of others. Her enthusiasm for true transformation as a coach is contagious. She is open and honest. Working with Tracy is fun, uplifting and engaging."

- Karol Ladd, Author of Positive Life Principles for Women

“My daughter Caroline had the pleasure of working with Tracy to prepare for an audition and she did not disappoint. From the very first meeting, I have seen an improvement in Caroline’s approach to the process and confidence in her ability to deliver.  From start to finish, Tracy asked specific questions to ensure we were targeting Caroline’s needs ultimately leading to a successful audition. Specifically, I enjoyed how Tracy was part of our collective effort and not merely a tutor for an event. Not only would I recommend Tracy for personal coaching, Caroline will be using her again.”

- Gary Stapleton, Caroline's father

"Tracy is a compassionate person who genuinely cares about people and wants to help them succeed. I love seeing her genuine excitement when she has the opportunity to work with actors of any age, especially one-on-one. Anyone who has the privilege of working with Tracy is in for something special, life-giving and affirming!"

- Caroline Franks, owner and director of LifeSong Fine Arts Studio