When we bought this house it was bombarded with hedges, hedges, and more hedges. We got rid of hedges and skimpy, aggregate decking and used flagstone to create a seamless, natural space. 

What's left?  This is our Martha Steward furniture from 15 years ago. Have you checked out the price of outdoor furniture lately? We just can't pull the trigger yet. These empty-nesters are paying for two college tuitions instead! 





Now that the kids are gone, Bruce is open to doing things he never showed an interest in before, like these gardens we planted together. I love these baby rose bushes.  We also planted this purple butterfly bush to attract hummingbirds and butterflies. It flowers from April to October and drought tolerant once established.


Have you taken the the personality test called Strength Finders? Mine (Tracy) came out as Futuristic and Strategic. Unless you're a close friend, you probably don't know that I have been collecting creative and beautiful pictures from magazines for 20 years for myself and my clients. Yes, before the days of Houze and Pinterest. The first six years of living in this home has been a delightful, insanity-zone of remodeling. But, not in my head. I had my vision pictures taped all around each room. It cracked-up many friends as they saw dust everywhere, holes in drywall, trim hanging off ceilings, sheets often covering furniture, or furniture moved into one tiny room in preparation for another. This has gone on for six years!  In the midst of it, these pictures were taped everywhere as clues to our inspiration. These images were also VERY helpful in describing details to painters and carpenters.  To this day, I use files of pictures to help my clients express the look they are desiring. Why am I telling you all of this? I had three pictures of swinging beds for years in a file. As we redid this ceiling, I knew this was my chance. We added hidden supports for enough weight for two adults and a double bed. We stained and sealed it and used traditional rope to tie it. Picture watching a movie on a cool night under an electric blanket. We cover it with a tarp from Home Depot when it rains!

While on a Texas Wine-Country trip with our super-fun friends, Phil and Kerrie, we literally split the barrel and the cost of an old french wine barrel and each made patio tables. We added a piece of glass to the top.

Our pool had no areas for lounging.  So, we decided to resurface it and take the opportunity to add different levels of deck area for hanging out, creating a dance floor, and having a meal.  We had www.edplastics.com/‎ custom make this ghost table for our pool.  It is so fun to eat or have a glass of wine while dangling your feet in the water. 



Bruce made sure to get a VERY flexible arm on this T.V. so we could view it from the swinging bed, the B.B.Q., to the pool.  Bruce is eating Blue Bell ice-cream here.  We missed it so much while living in L.A.  It's a Texas thing!




A fire-pit is so much fun.  It's also a great teenager / young adult magnet.  

Sign made in Wimberley - Rock speaker from Home Depot - Deer from Dallas Market - 


Fun pic of Josh with the family while still in high-school, before the yard was redone.  Excuse a mom for being nostalgic.  You can tell from the chef that Bruce is a medium-rare kind of guy. 


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